Federico was born in Formosa into a family of musicians who gave him a bandoneon to play when he was six months old, and from that moment on a love affair began that continues to this day.

He began his bandoneon studies with his father, the maestro Julio Pereiro, and later he consolidated his knowledge with Lito Valle and Diego Schissi.

After his arrival in Buenos Aires, he played with tango artists of the stature of Emilio Balcarce, Atilio Stampone, José Colángelo, Osvaldo Berlingeri, Raúl Garello, Juan Carlos Cuacci, Osvaldo Piro, Néstor Marconi, José Libertella, and Mauricio Marccelli, among others.

He has also participated in ensembles conducted by Víctor Lavallén, Fernando Suárez Paz, Walter Ríos and Leopoldo Federico, not to mention the orchestras Juan de Dios Filiberto and the Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce.

He has performed as a soloist with tango artists such as maestros: Emilio Balcarce, Atilio Stampone, José Colangelo, Osvaldo Berlingeri, Raúl Carello, Juan Carlos Cuacci, Osvaldo Piro, Néstor Marconi, José Libértela, Mauricio Marccelli; also participating in ensembles led by maestros Víctor Lavalién, Fernando Suárez Paz, Walter Ríos and Leopoldo Federico; in the orquesta de Música Argentina ‘Juan de Dios Filiberto “and “Orquesta Escuela de Tango Emilio Balcarce”.

He accompanied with different groups tango singers such as Guillermo Fernández, Hugo Marcel, Amelita Baltar, Ariel Ardit, Esteban Riera, Marcelo Tomassi, Sandra Luna, Raúl Lavie, Susana RinaIdi, Fernando Soler, Lidia Borda, Alberto Podestá and dancers such as Eleonora Casano, Iñaki Urlezaga, Mora Godoy and Miguel Ángel Soto. He performed with groups such as Vale Tango, Octango, El Desquite, Neotango, as a soloist in the show “La Cruz del Sur” Tango x 2, (touring Europe, Asia and the USA), Solo Tango El Show, Esquina Carlos Gardel, the new Quinteto Real.

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He made recordings with: El desquite, Vale Tango, Bajo fondo Tango Club, Orquesta Escuela Emilio Balcarce, Neotango, Raúl Garello, Sandra Luna, Sonia Posetti, Guillermo Fernández, Víctor Lavallen, Erica Di Salvo, “Orquesta Tango Vía”, Ramiro Gallo, Arnaldo D’Espósito and Juan Francisco Giacobbe.

In 2009, leading his group, he recorded his own album with the participation of guest artists such as Raúl Garello, Néstor Marconi, Víctor Lavallen, Emilio Balcarce, Andrés Linetsky and Ramiro Gallo.

At present, he is a member of the “Orquesta del Tango de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires” conducted by Néstor Marconi, Raúl Garello and Juan Carlos Cuacci.

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Genre: Tango


1. Amanecer Ciudadano
2. Amurado
3. 16 Rue Descartes
4. Los Mareados
5. L’atelier
6. Fogo
7. Si Sos Brujo
8. Rosa De Tango
9. Tiempo Cumplido
10. El Sur
11. Solo Pronuncio Tu Nombre

Guest Musicians::
Emilio Balcarce
Raul Garello
Victor Lavallen
Nestor Marconi


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